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Business & Money Articles

These articles are available for your online reading enjoyment and also for print media republication at very reasonable rates.

Face It, Your Boss is a Rat - What is REALLY going on in the corporate world. A must read for every employee, especially those enamored by the best selling business guide, "Who Moved My Cheese?"

Managing after Downsizing - Advice for those who must deal with the aftermath of corporate restructuring, reorganization and downsizing.

Let's Hear that Roar, Bull! - While return on investment has been pitiful in the last few years, Harry S. Dent, Jr. has good reason to believe that demographics can still make savvy investors outrageously rich in this decade.

Co-Opetition vs Competition - When cooperating with your competitors is good business strategy.

Richard Branson's Virgin Success - British adventurer Richard Branson has risen from dyslexic high school dropout to self-made billionaire. What is his magic touch?

Millionaires Like You - We all dream of being rich, but think it is only for the lucky few. Surprisingly, most millionaires are just ordinary people who have taken simple measures to become wealthy within their own lifetimes. You can too.

Amazing Power of the Penny - Pennies might not make you rich, but they always help to hold down prices and do great works of charity.

The Secret of Success is Simple - A business methodology that will cut the cycle time, cost, or number of steps in a process by fifty percent or more.

Handy Guide to What's Coming in Our Careers - A booming economy and job layoffs. This is the paradox of business today. How will you prosper in this new employment paradigm?

Better Than the Good Old Days - Prices aren't what they used to be, but how are we really doing compared to "the good old days"?


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