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History Articles

These articles are available for your online reading enjoyment, and also for print media republication at very reasonable rates. Contact us if interested.

Code Talkers, America's Secret Military Weapon - The Marines might never have taken Iwo Jima and World War II might have ended differently without the indecipherable language of the Navajo Code Talkers.

Arbor Day, J. Sterling Morton's Legacy of Trees - How one man's passion to beautify a treeless prairie led to a worldwide holiday of environmental awareness.

Cinco de Mayo, the Real Story - This victory over Napoleon's army not only sparked Mexican pride, but may have saved the United States.

Unsinkable Molly Brown, Tougher than Titanic - From the mines of Colorado to the halls of royalty, her indomitable spirit made her the talk of society and a heroine of the Titanic disaster.

Mother Jones - A roadside sign drew me off the highway to find a monument to "The Miner's Angel." Later I found out that she was considered by others to be "the most dangerous woman in America."

Jane Addams, Mother of Social Work - Shocked by the horrid little houses in nearby slums, this six year old from an affluent family dedicated her life to radically improving the social culture of America.

Golden Age of the Circus - One hundred years ago there was nothing more exciting than the day the circus came to town.

Of Scottish Lighthouses and Pirate Legends - The ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson engineered the lighthouses of Scotland, putting an end to piracy and looting. Perhaps they also inspired some of the great adventure stories of all time.

Treasure Pirates of the Whydah - Barry Clifford searches for the true story of pirate Black Sam Bellamy and his lover Maria Hallett, and the location of Bellamy's sunken treasure ship with her cache of gold and silver.

Freedom Shackled - The slave ship, Henrietta Marie, speaks from its watery grave to give us the first true picture of the horror that men, women and children suffered in the Atlantic slave trade.

Violet Jessop Survives the Titanic, Olympic and Britannic - Nurse Violet Jessop survived the wrecks of all three of White Star's magnificent luxury liners, Olympic, Britannic...and Titanic. Who was Violet, and how did she come to be on all three ships?

Amazing Century of the Piccards - Three generations of this family have pushed back the frontiers of space and ocean depths. From the "first woman in space" to the first non-stop balloon trip around the world, these are the incredible Piccards.


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