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Science and Technology Articles

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Einstein's Compass - What is it that triggers a spark of genius? For five year old Albert Einstein, it might well have been this gift from his father. A simple magnetic compass set the course for a life of great discovery.

Slice of Pi, Anyone? - The amazing number pi is the subject of this letter, with a salute to Pi Day and a collection of interesting facts and links that make a terrific treat for everyone. It's science everyone can appreciate.

Steve Wozniak, Still Fathering the Computer Revolution - In the 70's his passion led him to invent the Apple computer. His passion now is to light the fires of excitement in 5 th through 8 th graders.

Cringely's Computer Chronicles - Robert X. Cringely provides the inside scoop of what's going on in Silicon Valley and how it affects us.

Of Rocket Boys and Science Fairs - Coming of age as Sputnik launched the future in a new direction, this generation embraced the excitement of science and technology like never before.

You Too Could Find a Dinosaur - Enthusiastic fossil hunters have often been the ones to make the big finds. With so many bones and so few paleontologists, the next great dinosaur discovered could be named for you.

Amazing Century of the Piccards - Three generations of this family have pushed back the frontiers of space and ocean depths. From the "first woman in space" to the first non-stop balloon trip around the world, these are the incredible Piccards.

Weathering Changes - From weather vanes to Doppler radar, come with us on a tour of a National Weather Service office.

Engineering, Invention & Technology - What DO engineers really do anyway? Find out as as part of the celebration of National Engineers Week.

In the Heat of Invention - In 1925, the fastest, quietest car had no gasoline engine. It was the pride of Howard Hughes and ran on steam. The Doble brothers almost made steam a viable technology for automobiles.

CQD Titanic - Jack Phillips and Harold Bride are in a race against time. They must find a ship close enough to respond to their distress call before the rising waters reach the Marconi Room.


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